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Pro-Tec Paint Sealant Treatment

Pro-Tec Paint Sealant is made of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked together. Paint Sealant’s bond to your vehicle’s paint finish forming a rigid shell. The real selling point of a Paint Sealant is the durability it provides against most weather conditions.

6-Year Warranty Limited Warranty


Pro-Tec Interior Fabric and Carpet Treatment

Pro-Tec Interior Fabric and Carpet treatment is a fluorinated polymer resins superior to silicones based protectors. Based on evidence collected the Fluor Polymer penetrates deeper and bonds more permanently while maximizing repellence of both oil and water based foreign materials. Another advantage spills and stains should be easier to remove.

6-Year Warranty Limited Warranty


Pro-Tec Vinyl and Leather Treatment

Pro-Tec Leather and Vinyl Treatment uses a UV sunblock protectant that helps clean and protect surfaces from fading and damage caused by the sun’s rays. Introducing Pro-Tec Leather/Vinyl preserver will help extend the life and appearance of your vehicles interior.

6-Year Warranty Limited Warranty


Pro-Tec Rust Treatment**

Pro-Tec Rust Protection material is a durable, VOC compliant, abrasion resistant that bonds to exposed metal surfaces. Pro-Tec Rust Protection provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, salt and moisture that will cause rust and damage to your vehicle.

Pro-Tec Rust Protection for new vehicles is warrantied 10 years.

Pro-Tec Rust Protection for used vehicles is warrantied 6 years.


Pro-Tec Sound Treatment/Undercoating - New and Pre-Owned Vehicles

Protect the most exposed area of your vehicle - the underside - with Pro-Tec Sound Treatment. This treatment helps prevent rust and corrosion by providing a tough layer of durable film which also act as a sound deadener.

Note: Sound Treatment/Undercoating process takes the largest part of a day for application and drying time. Please plan accordingly.

New & Pre-Owned
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Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Unit

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