Become a Pro-Tec Dealer

Offer Pro-Tec Appearance at Your Dealership

Pro-Tec Appearance offers dealers an exterior/interior 6 -Year protection system for current vehicles plus the previous five model years.

With our program...

  • Dealers select qualified vehicles and attached Personalized Dealer/Pro-Tec Certified Addendum.
  • Dealers select coverage and pricing for qualified vehicles.
  • Dealers on-line Internet Price reflects 6 years Pro-Tec Appearance System for Qualified Vehicles.
  • Dealer remits the cost of chemical(s) and warranty fee after sales are closed.
  • Customer recognizes value and benefits of Pro-Tec 6 year Appearance System because manufactures provide little or no protection for areas Pro-Tec System covers for 6 years.
  • Pro-Tec supports dealer sales and 6 years Appearance System with Pro-Tec and Stanley Steemer Service Vans.
  • Certified Pro-Tec Appearance System includes Personalized Dealer Addendum, Brochure, Program Information, and Claim Card for Customers References.
  • Pro-Tec on-line claim department is available 24/7 for customers and dealers.
  • Dealers can elect to introduce a Value Coupon designed to return customers to Selling Dealer.
  • N.A.D.A. determination “An exceptionally clean vehicle or one that bears a guarantee, warranty, or manufacturer certification should bring a premium price.”
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