Protect Fabric and Carpet

Lock Out Stains and Dirt

Pro-Tec Interior Fabric and Carpet treatment is a fluorinated polymer, resins superior to silicones based protectors. Based on evidence collected the Fluor Polymer penetrates deeper and bonds more permanently while maximizing repellence of both oil and water based foreign materials. Another advantage spills and stains should be easier to remove.

Pro-Tec polymer-based fabric protector keeps stains from setting into your car's interior fabric and carpet. It is perfect for on-the-go families and individuals.

                    6 Years of Coverage


Protecting Fabric and Carpet

Protect fabric and carpet areas from common spills and stains including:
  Water Coffee Sodas

Milk Baby Oil Lubricating Oil

Greasy Products Mayonnaise Lip Stick

Makeup Crayons Chewing Gum

Bodily Fluids Urine Vomit

Pro-Tec Claim Patrol Units

The Pro-Tec Appearance Claim Patrol Units are equipped with professional cleaning materials including commercial extracting tools to remove almost any spill or stain. If a spill or other damage, covered by the Pro-Tec Standard Interior Protection warranty, happens to your vehicle, let us know. We'll schedule an appointment, come to you, and leave your vehicle in the best condition possible.

For warranty and service outside the Pro-Tec servicing area, Stanley Steemer is our National Service Provider.


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