Sealing Leather and Vinyl Interiors

Protect Leather and Vinyl from Fading and Cracking

Leather and vinyl interiors can become cracked, faded, discolored or damaged over time due to normal use. Sun exposure and heat may also damage leather and vinyl surfaces. Pro-Tec provides a layer of protection to normal, daily use. And, it will help keep out harmful UV rays which may lead to fading.

Pro-Tec Leather and Vinyl Treatment uses a UV sunblock protectant that helps clean and protect surfaces from fading and damage caused by the sun’s rays. Introducing Pro-Tec Leather/Vinyl preserver will help extend the life and appearance of your vehicles interior.

                      6 Years of Coverage

Protecting Leather and Vinyl Interiors damaged by the Sun's UV Rays:

Dashboard Arm Rest Seats Console

Pro-Tec Claim Patrol Units

The Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Units are trained to address damage covered by the sun's UV rays.  We'll schedule an appointment, come to you, and leave your vehicle in the best condition possible.


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Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Unit

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