Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage

Six (6) Years Pre-Owned & Service Drive 
Appearance Protection System

Protect your investment now!   

Before the elements have their way with it.
First,  we completely clean and detail your vehicle, before Pro-Tec's  Six (6) Years Professional System is applied and warranty issued.
Once detailed we applied Pro-Tec Nano Polymer Paint Sealant that offers superior protection and last longer than waxes and polishes.   
  Pro-Tec then applies our Interior Fabric and Carpet protection, which is a fluorinated polymer, superior to oil and silicone based protectors.
Next, Pro-Tec applies Leather, Vinyl and Hard Surfaces protectant to cover areas of your vehicle.  It is a water-based premium grade protectant that keeps surfaces soft and supple. Warranty covers damage caused by UV Rays.
Pro-Tec's Mobile Claim Units and Stanley Steemer will support your claim needs for the next 6 years,
File a claim online or call our 1-800-486-4213.
Optional Coverages    
* Up to 6 years Rust Protection Coverage   

*Ultimate Interior Protection (3 Years and 6 Years Coverages)
   Includes Rips, Tears, Burns and Punctures

Contact participating dealer or Pro-Tec to see if your vehicle qualifies and pricing information.

The NADA Official Car Guide States: “An exceptionally clean vehicle or one that bears a guarantee, warranty, or manufacturer certification should bring a premium price.”

Increase the Value and Appearance of Your Car

  • Polymer-Paint Sealant Treatment - Locks in the shine and blocks out the elements
  • Fabric and Carpet Fluorinated Polymer Treatment - Guards against spills and stains
  • Leather and Vinyl Treatment - Helps to maintain a soft and conditioned surface
  • 6 years Warranty with unlimited mileage coverage
  • Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Vehicle, fully equipped to support your warranty or detail needs
  • Online claim service or by phone (614) 861-3300

Keep your vehicle looking great and insure its best resale value by investing in Pro-Tec Pre-Owned Exterior and Interior Treatments. Our professional system is designed specifically for your vehicle providing maximum protection for Ohio's harsh environment.

We're with you as long as you own your vehicle.

Appearance System

Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Unit

Our dedicated team of professionals and Patrol Units are ready to address your vehicle's appearance and detail needs.

Partnered with Stanley Steemer Nationwide