Seal and Protect Exterior Paint

Pro-Tec Nano Polymer Exterior Paint Sealant

Pro-Tec Nano Polymer Paint Sealant is not a wax or a polish.  Pro-Tec is a tested an proven paint sealant that offers superior protection that last much longer than normal waxes or polishes. 

Pro-Tec Paint Sealant is made of polymers, which are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are linked together. Paint Sealant’s bond to your vehicle’s paint finish forming a rigid shell. 


                  6 Years of Coverage

Pro-Tec provides paint coverage for:

Weather induced Acid rain Fading Chalking

Loss of gloss Tree sap Insects

Water spotting Road salt Bird droppings

Pro-Tec Mobile Claim Patrol Units

The Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Units are included during your warranty period. If items mentioned above and more Clearly defined in your Pro-Tec warranty occurs to your vehicle,  Let Us Know. We'll schedule a convenient appointment to address your warranty needs.


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Pro-Tec Appearance Patrol Unit

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